and become a successful player, guild owner or community manager

Learn to play and earn. Explore top NFT-games

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free online video lessons


tokens upon successful course completion


from 5 to 10 lessons per course

Course duration

short quizzes in each course


We help newcomers and experienced gamers to gain new skills to make their hobby profitable

Experinenced gamers

Adapt your gaming skills to play-to-earn projects and go through crypto&blockchain basics. You’ll be able to earn from $200 per month right upon course completion as well as start educating other gamers


Familiarize yourself with the basics of play-to-earn games, create accounts and wallets. Become a member of  a guild to play-and-earn with more experienced players


Discover a new ambitious way to  earn and select the most promising projects. Purchase the in-game assets and make money by leasing them to other players

We make courses about the best gaming projects in play-to-earn

EQUALT alumni get a brand new profession in the P2E world for free

Community manager

  • Creates educational content for the teammates

Professional player

  • Discovers new earning mechanics via advanced EQUALT course programmes
  • Earns by playing
  • Improves gaming skills with the help of our gaming community
  • Educates & conducts onboardings for the newcomers in play-to-earn
  • Administers Discord gaming comminities

Guild owner

  • Develops a roadmap for the guild and the community
  • Invests in the game by purchasing profitable in-game assets and tokens
  • Launches scholarship programmes and owns a stake from gamers' income

How it works

3. Repeat

Once you’ve mastered the basics, we’ll help you boost your skills on professional courses

2. Earn

Learn effective working and earning strategies based on real cases

1. Learn

Watch instructive videos and complete tests to earn tokens and other unique NFT artifacts for free. Get a head start, and outrun the other players!


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Equalt is an online university providing free online learning courses. We are the first university in web 3.0 and metaverse economy. Our courses are available for everyone, everywhere. Explore play to earn games for free: dive into the Sandbox, Axie infinity, Bomb Crypto and other NFT games. Once you’ve mastered the basics, we’ll help you boost your skills on professional courses about blockchain, NFT art and other. Get an advanced online job from home with our job marketplace and CV constructor.
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